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 The Free version handles two parallel conversions, the Pro version up to sixteen.

The Concept of MkvBatcher
MkvBatcher Free is a fully automatic Blu-ray/DVD ripper and Video Batch Converter.
You  just insert discs into your drives and/or drag+drop hundreds of videos to the batch list and press start.
Free Extras: Two parallel conversions. Built-in Video Cutter and BatchConverter Video_TS to ISO (preset 7).
MkvBatcher Pro can even do up to 16 conversions simultaneously. (Two are free)
Depending on the number of computers you have, MkvBatcher Pro supports up to 16 conversion engines on multible computers.
All engines work syncronised in a master/slave concept over your local area network. Two engines per computer is the optimum.
  Input/Output Formats   Input: BD (disc), DVD (disc, iso, video_ts),  Mov, Wmv, Mkv, M4v, Mp4, Mpg, Ts, Avi, Vob, M2ts, Flv
    Output: Mkv, Mp4, M4v   -  Conversion Presets for home entertainment gear and mobile
  Batch Converting         Drag videos to the batch list and press start. From there everything is automatic. No settings per video have to be done.
  Batch Ripping         Just insert discs into all your drives, wait for the automatic scan and press start.
  Power Boost         Power Boost 1: MkvBatcher can manage up to 16 video conversions simultaneously. All controlled and monitored by MkvBatcher on your main computer.
        MkvBatcher   MkvBatcher_Slave 1   MkvBatcher_Slave 2    
              Power Boost 2: Combine the computing power of the computers in your local network for your video conversions. Master/Slave concept over LAN.
            Single or Master   Optional extensions over LAN    
  600 MKVs / Day *         The setup is easy and takes just a few minutes.
  * Productivity example: about 25 DVD-ISOs/hour (6 engines on 3 computers) = 600/day.
  The example below shows such a Master/Slave setup with three computers and two engines each in operation.

 MkvBatcher (master) on Computer 1

MkvBatcher_Slave on Computer 2
      Above in "mini mode" below in full mode. (Toggle button with the eye icon)
MkvBatcher_Slave on Computer 3


  "cabless booster unit" to the MkvBatcher main program


MkvBatcher_Slave acts as a "cabless booster unit" to the MkvBatcher main program.
            It runs conversions on its host computer and is controlled by MkvBatcher running on the master computer.
The setup is easy:
           Just copy MkvBatcher_Slave.exe to the desktop of a second computer and run it there. A few clicks later, you´re all set.
           Details here


MkvBatcher_Slave GUI (mini mode)


The slave setup receives the conversion orders from the master and sends information about its progress back to the master.

The master in turn sends the overall progress info to all slaves in the LAN so they all can show the overall situation on their gui. As a user, you only start MkvBatcher_Slave and leave it running in standby, waiting for orders.

You controll everything from the master as if the slave engines where running on your main computer.

MkvBatcher   MkvBatcher_Slave 1   MkvBatcher_Slave 2
Master   Slave(s) over LAN ...



License: Shareware. See License Agreement

Six engines on 3 computers is my own setup. Four computers and 8 engines works just as well.
16 engines on 3 computers as shown on one of the screenshots show, that MkvBatcher can easily handle 16 parallel conversions. However, the actual free bandwidth of your network is the limiting factor for the maximum number of computers in such a master/slave configuration.
Win XP Sp3, Vista, Win7, Win8 - 32 or 64 bit versions.
Recommended: wired gigabit network
For Master/Slave on several computers gigabit LAN is recommended. Wired Lan with 100 mbit/sec works for two computers and no other traffic in the network. "Real life" Wlan will hardly have sufficiant bandwidth.