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 MkvBatcher Pro
MkvBatcher Pro can easily manage up to 16 conversions simultaneously.
Four engines on two computers with two engines each, convert about 400 Dvd-ISOs / day (6 engines = 600).
So with MkvBatcher Pro only the number of computers you have, determines how many engines you can productively use.
The MkvBatcher Pro examples show some possible configurations using MkvBatcher Pro with between three and fifteen engines.
The Pro examples start, where the MkvBatcher Free examples stop.
MkvBatcher Pro is free while in beta!

 Screenshot: MkvBatcher Pro running 16 parallel conversions:

Full screenshots of the entire setup at the bottom of the page


Configuration examples for MkvBatcher Pro

  Basic Performance Reference: 160 Dvd-ISOs/day = 100%

  One computer with one conversion engine              
A conversion batcher normally only does one conversion at a time (=100%). Two parallel conversions give a performance boost of about 25% because the full CPU power is used.
Running the second engine on a second computer doubles the output performance.
My test conversion of 100 ISOs on a setup like example 2 took 4 hours. (= 600/day)  
  Basic Batcher            

 Example 1                                                              360 Dvd-ISOs / day

  3 parallel Blu ray rips  Pro

MkvBatcher Pro with 3 Engines on 2 Computers



Modern Laptop + Desktop
Some of the latest generation mobile devices are amazingly powerful and quite able to do serious work. Even some high end pads and convertibles with i5 or i7 play today in that league. However, I whould still only assign one engine to it to leave it with some headroom.
Mobile/Work Hardware Example
Master Slave
 Setup details here: "advanced setup"
      Wired LAN
      MkvBatcher Slave 1    
      Master   Slave over LAN      

 Example 2                                                              600 Dvd-ISOs / day

  6 parallel Blu ray rips   Pro

MkvBatcher Pro with 6 Engines on 3 Computers



Slaves: Passive blocks with i7 and SSD = quiet + powerful
Multimedia Network Hardware Example
Master Slave 1 Slave 2
Home Office Living Room  Bed Room
      MkvBatcher Slave 1 Slave 2
      Master   Slaves over LAN ...
    Setup details here: "advanced setup"        

Example 3                                                                1000 Dvd-ISOs / day                            10  parallel Blu ray rips

  MkvBatcher Pro with 15 Engines on 5 Computers                  
This example does certainly show a configuration most people don´t have, need or even want.
But if you´d like to create a monster, this one is for you ...


"remote control"
      Slave 1   Slave 2   Slave 3 Slave 4 Slave 5
     Wireless   Gigabit LAN
      Full Multi Media Home:   Home Office   Living Room   Bed Room   Guest Room   Child


MkvBatcher_Slave no. 1 (gui in mini mode):

 (Toggle button with the eye icon to switch gui modes)

MkvBatcher_Slave no. 2 (gui in full mode):