The Controls Rip Blu-rays or DVDs To MKV Automatic Scan Video Cutter MkvBatcher Slave  
How to rip BD or DVD to Mkv
1. Insert Blu-ray discs or DVDs to start the automatic scan for processing data.
2. After a few moments all inserted discs appear on the masterīs batch list ready for conversion.
3. Press start. Thatīs all!
Note: MkvBatcher and the conversion engine of "Handbrake" behind it can only handle unprotected discs!

Before you start, select a preset for this session:
Use HD Full or HD TV for home intertainment gear.
Use Tablet, Tablet HQ or SmartPhone for mobile.
The presets adjust the max. out resolution, the out file extension, the conversion quality and the output mode to fit the selected target requirements. The mobile presets apply "force 16:9" to optimize the output for a small display.
BDs and DVDs can be processed in the same batch.








Result of the same sources with the preset "SmartPhone"