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Advanced Set Up Of MkvBatcher (Master/Slave over LAN)
In an advanced setup of MkvBatcher, you can have up  to 16 conversion engines on up to 16 computers work syncronised in a master/slave concept over your local area network.
The "master" is a setup as mentioned under Basic SetUp with MkvBatcher.exe running. A "Slave" is any further computer with MkvBatcher_Slave.exe running.


  For such a Master/Slave setup you need the following:
  • At least 2 computers connected in a local network (LAN)
  • Gigabit LAN (less may not have enough bandwidth.)
  • The directory of MkvBatcher.exe (...\MkvBatcher) must be shared on your network (read+write "for everyone").
  • All videos to be converted have to be in shared folders.

If you have a LAN and stream video files in it, your video folder(s) will probably be shared already. If they are shared "for everyone" you are all set to proceed.

Note: Share "for everyone" does not mean "every one on the planet". It means every user within your local network. MkvBatcher can only work with this type of share. If for any (good) reason you can not work with this type of share in your LAN, you can not use MkvBatcher in a Master/Slave setup.

More details on Gigabit LAN and folder sharing at the bottom.




MkvBatcher   MkvBatcher_Slave 1   MkvBatcher_Slave 2
Master   Slave(s) over LAN ...
 Setup MkvBatcher_Slave
Assuming you have shared your MkvBatcher directory now, you can now set up a slave
     (if not, share it first !!! Remenber: read+write "for everyone"):
1. Have MkvBatcher.exe running on the master computer. ( If you just now shared the folder "MkvBatcher" restart MkvBatcher.exe.)
2. Go to the second computer
3. Navigate in your LAN to the master computer to
Above is the directory of MkvBatcher (master). MkvBatcher_Slave.exe is in the folder "Apps".
4. Copy MkvBatcher_Slave.exe to the desktop of the slave computer
5. Run MkvBatcher_Slave.exe on the slave computer and follow the prompts. You will be asked to navigate to
That´s all.
The last step tells MkvBatcher_Slave.exe where the master is and establish communication between master and slave.
Now leave MkvBatcher_Slave.exe running and go back to the master computer. Assign one or two engines on the GUI of MkvBatcher to the new slave computer. This is done using the drop down combos of the engines. You may have to restart MkvBatcher for the new slave to appear on the list.

After this, if you start a batch conversion of video files, all engines will get jobs assigned by the master and all resulting converted  files will be in the
output directory "\\MasterComputer\MkvBatcher\OutPut_MkvBatcher".
    Repeat this procedure for every additional slave computer you want to set up.

Win XP Sp3, Vista, Win7, Win8 - 32 or 64 bit versions.
Wired gigabit network:
You need a gigabit LAN. Wlan will not work. 100 mbit/sec may just work for two computers and no other traffic in the network. But you are asking for trouble!
Tip: If your router does not have gigabit, do not use the built-in LAN ports but hook your router and your computers to a good gigabit switch.
This way your LAN is gigabit and only the internet comes over the 100 mbit/sec port of the router which is more than enough for internet.
This is what I use: 5-Port-Gigabit-Desktop-Switch TL-SG105 (4 ports as replacement for the 4 built-in ports of the router and one extra port to tie the router back in).
Good cables help too! However, I have one computer at the other end of the house connected with a long bad cable that I cannot replace because it is in the wall etc. That cable even had to be patched as it got cut during a renovation. I´m still getting around 70 Mb/sec when I copy files, which is about what gigabit can do in real life. So even if youré stuck with wrong and long cables, a good gigabit switch will still be worth a test. But do get good cables where it is possible.
Share a folder for "everyone" (in the lokal network):
I´m not sure how helpful this is outside Germany but it is all I can do on my german system ...
1. Rightclick the folder. Select -> "share for" -> "certain persons" will bring you to the dialogue below.
2. If "everyone" is not on the list select it from the dropdown menue and press "add".
3. Now select "read/write" with the dropdown menue on the list. Then press "share".