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MkvBatcher Free has the full set of functions and two engines.
MkvBatcher Pro (up to 16 engines) is free while in beta.
Download MkvBatcher
MD5: MD5: 746efe82c2cbd50fb96078ce87f892e7 (ZIP)
MD5: 8f8768a9b20f6978303ec1b521fc2cf7 (EXE inside ZIP)
Version: 1.0.2015.12
1. Download:   
2. Unzip and run  the SetUp-EXE and follow the prompts
3. Drag+Drop video files on to the batch list on the GUI and press start.
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MkvBatcher Pro is free while in beta!

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Systemrequirements: Win XP Sp3, Vista, Win7, Win8
(32 or 64 bit versions)