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MkvBatcher Updates

How to update the master:
- download the current setup EXE and run it on the Computer with your master setup. It will guide you through the update. Just follow the prompts.

How to update the slave:
- after an update of the main installation, you only have to (re)start MkvBatcher_Slave on the slave computer and any new files will automatically be copied over. At the top left of the gui, you will then see the new version number.

Version History:
Version 1.0.2015.12 (2015.08.04)
- changed: Free version has now 2 engines
- changed: Free version GUI title "SiegiSoft MkvBatcher Free"
Version 1.0.2015.11 (2015.08.03)
- changed: Display "Stereo Dolby Pro Logic II" -> "Dolby Pro Logic II"
- changed audio track selection for mp4 and m4v container: "AC3 5.1" or "Dolby Pro Logic II". (not both).
- changed extended trial key now 30 days (was 10)
- changed: Lic key entry auto format. Lower or upper case, with or without dividers.
Version 1.0.2015.10 (2015.07.28)
- changed presets: HD-Full + HD-TV + Tablet HQ + Tablet + SmartPhone + StreamCopy+FileCopy
(added "Tablet HQ", removed "HD Half" and "DVD")
- changed audio track selection for mp4 and m4v container: "AC3 5.1" and/or "Dolby Pro Logic II". (DTS 5.1 only supported for mkv).
Version 1.0.2015.9 (2015.07.26)
- added: Dropdown Combo Out-Resolution now with toggle button "Presets / All Modes"
(Presets: HD-Full + HD-TV + Tablet + SmartPhone - All Modes: Presets+HD-Half+DVD+StreamCopy+FileCopy)
- changed defaults after first start to: Resoltion=HD-Full and Force-16:9=Off
Version 1.0.2015.8 (2015.07.18)
- added: input extensions Mov and Wmv
Version 1.0.2015.7 (2015.07.14)
- Changed: SetUp EXE is now in a ZIP to avoid problems with anti virus programs when downloading an unknown EXE file.
- added: Timestamp (created / last changed) of the converted out file is now set to the in file time stamp. (Better for sort by date)
- added: virgin setup safe guard. (MkvBatcher_Slave started with an empty GUI, if the master had never been run after setup and thus no sync data were present in the INFs)
Version 1.0.2015.6 (2015.07.13)
- added: uneven engine numbers
- added UNC path safe guard. (If out directory is on a local path outside the MkvBatcher directory when a slave is added for the first time)
- improved auto update function
- moved GUI code from helper to the main process (activity indicators sometimes did not show correct status when helper is temp. locked during the connection check.)
Version 1.0.2015.5 (2015.07.12)
- fixed occasional crash of MkvBatcher_Slave if master changes engine quantity and slave follows the change on the fly.
Version 1.0.2015.4 (2015.07.10)
- added extended trial
Version 1.0.2015.3 (2015.07.09)
- added a tray menu
- added update check
- added autoupdate (updated files in master setup automatically copied to slave on next start)
- added current version shown on top left of gui
- simplified tray menu
- added status bars for master/LAN/slave and "engines" in mini mode of the gui
- rewrote the communication part. Improved tolerance against disruptions of communication over lan -> improved stability.